DIRICKS Systems EB Units Testing Dark


The DIRICKX Systems team has extensive experience in the design, manufacture and installation of defensive barrier systems to protect lives, assets and critical infrastructure around the world from a wide range of threats including blast, ballistics, flood, and hostile vehicle attacks.

We take this responsibility extremely seriously, which is why we’re 100% committed to ensuring that our clients can rely on our defensive systems to provide unparalleled security, safety and peace of mind.

We regularly test the quality of our products and push the boundaries of what they can do, because knowing how our EB units will perform under extreme conditions is key to understanding the limitations of what can be achieved in the field. This information gives us valuable insight into how we can improve our products, so that we can work with our clients to achieve even higher levels of security and protection in the future. 

DIRICKX Systems’ EB units were recently subjected to a series of rigorous quality tests at a state-of-the-art test facility, in which the Vertical Peak Load Capacity was measured. We’re delighted (but not surprised) to report that our EB units significantly outperformed industry standards; the expected industry limit for this type of test requires each unit to withstand a minimum load bearing capacity, which our units exceeded by over 35%.

DS EB Unit Testing

DIRICKX Systems’ Engineering Design Director and a former UK Royal Engineer, Mike Pickup, whose experience and technical expertise are critical to our ability to provide our customers with industry-leading design and technical support, supervised the testing. Mike said:

“Results like these speak for themselves, which is why our EB units are, increasingly, the preferred choice for clients who put safety and protection first. As expected, our EB units achieved a vertical load exceeding all industry expectations, which speaks both to the high quality of our products and the technical expertise of our team. Not only do our EB units meet - and exceed - stringent industry standards, the DIRICKX Systems team has another distinct advantage over our competitors: with more than 100 years’ combined military and operational experience, we’re also able to provide our clients with unparalleled personalised design support, technical advice and training.”

01 Mike P

If you’d like to learn more about our EB units, or to find out what DIRICKX Systems can do to support your next project, then get in touch.