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There are lots of barrier systems out there. Some you know. Some you don't. But only DIRICKX Systems are backed with the technical capabilities and expertise to provide a service you can trust.

DIRICKX Systems is more than just a brand. We're proud to recruit military veterans with over 100 combined years of developing, manufacturing and installing defensive barrier systems to provide unrivalled products and services to support your project seamlessly.

We are a leading provider of defensive barrier systems with a specialisation in Force Protection Engineering (FPE). 

All DIRICKX System products are designed to provide optimal protection against blast, ballistics, flood, and hostile vehicle attacks.

We pride ourselves on providing technical expertise and advice to ensure our clients get the best use and placement of our products, either standalone or in conjunction with other protective solutions.

With our commitment to quality and excellence, we strive to help our clients maximise the effectiveness of their defensive measures.

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We have a deep understanding of how to mitigate risks by identifying, quantifying and analysing threats and vulnerabilities at installation sites.

Using this information, our in-house expertise are able to develop a cost-effective and tailored protective solution to address unique customer requirements. Whether it's through barrier systems or other protective measures, we work closely with our clients to design solutions to provide optimal security and safety.

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As a leading provider of bespoke and cost-effective physical security systems, we work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs, in order to create custom solutions. Each installation is bespoke to the customer and is integrated with the latest defensive technology to ensure the highest standard of protection. 

We have extensive experience with integrating third-party products to complement or enhance the performance of our clients' installation to create a tailored, focussed solution.

Our in-house expertise can also conduct Vehicle Dynamic Assessments to ensure a barrier or system meets the requirements to mitigate against hostile vehicle threats. Our knowledge and experience can help you create a truly effective and secure physical security system.

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DIRICKX Systems has extensive experience in developing and executing solutions for challenging project locations, with a focus on Force Protection Engineering.

We offer comprehensive project management and oversight to ensure successful delivery and protection of assets while providing continuous support. 

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At DIRICKX Systems, we provide technical training on all aspects of our products, both on-site or at project locations, to ensure our clients fully understand the system capabilities and appropriate use of our products.

Our experienced personnel also provide supervision during installation to ensure a smooth and efficient process.

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We are committed to providing ongoing after-sales support and maintenance to ensure our customers' products continue to function at optimal levels.

Our maintenance package is customisable to meet client specific needs, working closely with our experts to ensure our products are always performing to the correct standard and provide the highest level of protection.

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