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Solmax extends a warm American welcome to DIRICKX Systems personnel at PROPEX Scourlok® engineered bank stabilisation installation

DIRICKX Systems’ Engineering Design Director Mike Pickup and Operations Director Adam Robinson recently crossed the pond to visit the offices of our partners Solmax, to see the PROPEX Scourlok® engineered bank stabilisation systems in action. 


PROPEX Scourlok combines DIRICKX Systems’ flood barrier (FB) units with PROPEX Pyramat®, a high-performance turf-reinforcement mat which has been designed to resist extreme hydraulic stresses to protect shorelines and embankments, while promoting vegetation. Scourlok’s unique design provides below-water scour protection, slope stabilisation and erosion control, featuring pockets which can be fastened to each unit and filled with vegetation to lock in seeds, enabling rapid root-mass development and promoting sustainable plant growth

Benefits of Scourlok (featuring DIRICKX Systems’ FB units) include:

  • Enhanced water quality through increased pollutant and nutrient removal.
  • Vegetating pockets help sustain plant growth and are more aesthetically pleasing than traditional hard armoring solutions.
  • Suitable for use both above and below water level for maximum shoreline protection.
  • DIRICKX Systems’ FB units are designed for ease of connection and construction, and can be installed individually or as a multi-chain barrier system. Units are manufactured with rigorously tested, high-quality materials and construction methods to ensure durability. 
  • FB units can be filled with natural in-situ soils like earth or sand, resulting in compact design and reduced costs.
  • Units are deployed faster than conventional methods and can be filled by individuals or machinery.

Mike and Adam went on site in Texas with Solmax’s Director of Engineering Drew Loizeaux, PE, where they had the opportunity to view a Scourlok installation and to talk directly with the engineers involved, to gain a better understanding of some of the challenges which could be addressed by future product development and innovation. 

Discussion centered around future R&D opportunities, such as the option to produce bespoke FB units to meet the demands of different environments. 

DIRICKX Systems Scourlok Propex Mickp

Drew Loizeaux of Solmax said: “At Solmax, we’re excited to partner with DIRICKX Systems on Scourlok. Together, we’re responsible for the most robust engineered bank stabilisation system on the market today, and I look forward to developing this product so that we can provide even more tailored, focused solutions for our clients in the future.” 

DIRICKX Systems’ Mike Pickup said: “It was great to have the opportunity to spend time with our partners at Solmax, and to see a Scourlok installation in situ, doing what it’s meant to do. Special thanks to Drew Loizeaux and the on-site engineers, whose feedback will help us to do what we do best at DIRICKX Systems: continue to innovate, design and produce the most reliable, trusted protective solutions in the world for our partners and clients”. 

DIRICKX Systems Scourlok Mike P