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Statement: Legal Dispute Between DIRICKX Systems and Hesco Bastion

In February 2024 Hesco Bastion (Hesco), a subsidiary of Praesidiad, issued a legal claim against DIRICKX Systems and several of its ex-employees, who formerly worked for Hesco. DIRICKX Systems is astonished by this intrusive and misguided action. Armed with true facts and compelling arguments, the company intends to file a robust defence to the claim.

DIRICKX Systems, based in Leeds UK, was formed in May 2022, and has grown rapidly since then.

This dynamic defence-sector business has been legitimately built on the very substantial experience and expertise of its founders and employees, most of whom lost their jobs when Praesidiad decided to close the Hesco factory in Leeds, in 2020, with the loss of over 40 full time jobs.

DIRICKX Systems offers value-engineered systems for Force Protection Engineering with unrivalled customer design services and support. Addressing the military and critical infrastructure segments, DIRICKX Systems is building a thriving manufacturing company with the skills and dedication of people cast aside by Praesidiad. In its short existence, the company has created well over 20 permanent full-time jobs, helping to support the UK manufacturing sector in the North of England.

Kevin Lyons, DIRICKX Systems' CEO says: "DIRICKX Systems will continue to focus on growing the business and serving our domestic and international customers from our Leeds base. We would like to place on record our appreciation for the support and trust of our suppliers and customers across Europe and the world."

Leeds 4th April 2024