We're Leeds based, Leeds proud, and here is more about why we are where we are

Leeds is our HQ, base of manufacturing and operations, as nowhere else in the world could we create a business with the expertise we are proud of.

It's all about the people

The original earth-filled barrier was designed by Jimi Heselden over 30 years ago and was made in Leeds up until 2020 when manufacturing was relocated to Europe.

We didn't just want to set up a business that made the same barriers as everyone else. We strive to be the best, and for that, we need the best people.

Our experts, from manufacturing to logistics, operations and management are here in Leeds. Some had the privilege of working with Jimi in the development of the original barrier. They are committed to producing and distributing expeditionary products of the highest quality, while ensuring that our clients receive unparalleled support and service.

Some worked with Jimi and helped to develop the original barrier. All have worked on making and distributing expeditionary barriers and are passionate about quality, trust and giving our clients the best support.

DIRICKX Systems is the only company with over 100 years of combined experience in manufacturing the surface mounted barrier, and the expertise to continue in its innovation.


DIRICKX Systems is in the heart of Leeds and we're committed to providing the care and attention deserved to the protection of people, assets and critical infrastructure.

Don't compromise on quality. Find out more about us and the people behind the barrier.