Unrivalled, robust construction to reliably prevent and minimise the threat of rising flood waters and provide assistance in emergency maritime operations.

Designed to protect what matters most in even the most rigorous of weather conditions.

The FB-UNITS are a robust flood protection barrier design to provide complete protection for personnel, infrastructure and critical assets against rising flood waters, coastal erosion and natural disasters.

Trusted by organisations across the globe, FB-UNITS are manufactured with rigorously tested, high-quality materials and construction methods to ensure its durability and ability. Organisations can safeguard against the damaging effects of flood waters and other natural disasters, ensuring the continued safety and security of their personnel, assets and infrastructure. 


FB-UNITS are a more efficient and cost-effective solution as compared to traditional sandbag methods for flood protection.

Providing savings on logistics, cost, installation and labour, the units can be assembled by two personnel, even those with limited training, in less than 30 minutes. The FB-UNIT is a convenient and practical solution for organisations to quickly and effectively protect against flood waters.

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The FB-UNITS are made of high-quality materials that help to ensure their durability and effectiveness in protecting against flood waters. Constructed with zinc-aluminium coated steel and a non-woven geo-textile lining, the units can withstand strong waters to mitigate against damage and wear.

Each FB-UNIT can be filled with natural materials, like earth or sand, to maintain structural integrity when facing rising, fast-moving, and debris-filled waters. These unique features make the FB-UNIT a reliable and robust solution for flood protection.

FB Units Sizes


The FB-UNITS are versatile and can be rapidly deployed in response to an imminent flood threat, or can be used as a long-term preventative measure to protect against ongoing flood risks. If water threats are continuous, such as along river banks, the units can be incorporated into natural landscapes by planting vegetation and covering them with earth, creating a more permanent flood protection solution. This helps to blend the units into the surrounding environment with minimal disruption to provide a more aesthetically pleasing solution.

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Available in a 4' height and a 15' length.  Bespoke sizes are available on request

4mm mild steel

Zn95Al5 (zinc-aluminium alloy)

3” (76.2mm) centre-to-centre

Non-woven needle punched with additional UV protection

Stainless steel grade 304

Beige / Green

Flood mitigation as welll as blast + ballistic + Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM)

Earth, sand, granular material or similar

ASTM A 856 / BS EN 10218-2:2012 / BS EN 10244-2:2009